With writings that span more than thirty-five years, American Woman, Italian Style is a rich collection of essays that fleshes out the realities of today’s Italian American women and explores the myriad ways they continue to add to the American experience. The status of modern Italian-American women in the United States isnoteworthy: their quiet and continued growth into respected positions in the professional worlds of law and medicine surpasses the success achieved in that of the general population-so too does their educational attainment and income.Contributions include Donna Gabaccia on the oral-to-written history of cookbooks, Carol Helstosky on the Tradition of Invention, an interview with Sandra Gilbert, Paul Levitt’s look at Lucy Mancini as a metaphor for the modern world, William Egelman’s survey of women’s work patterns, and Edvige Giunta on the importance of a selfconscious understanding of memory. There are explorations of Jewish-Italian intermarriages and interpretations of entrepreneurship in Milwaukee. Readers will find challenges to common assumptions and stereotypes, departures from normal samplings, and springboards to further research.American Woman, Italian Style: Italian Americana’s Best Writings on Women offers unique insights into issues of gender and ethnicity and is a voice for the less heard and less seen side of the Italian-American experience from immigrant times to the present. Instead of seeking consensus or ideological orthodoxy, this collectionbrings together writers with a wide range of backgrounds, outlooks, ideas, and experiences. It is an impressive postmodern collection for interdisciplinary studies: a book and a look about being and becoming an American.

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Editorial Reviews

From candid chats with the neighborhood ladies, to portraits of a breathtaking array of artists, to the importance of work, family and – oh yes!- the handing down of traditional recipes, Carol Bonomo Albright and Christine Palamidessi Moore have put together a feast of Italian-American writings. The fact that it’s women centered makes it especially delicious.-Nancy Savoca

Essays explore the lives of today’s Italian American women and describe their contributions to the American experience.
‘An important collection that brings together many of the foundational,interdisciplinary essays that helped to establish Italian Americanwomen’s studies.-Jennifer Guglielmo
“Offers unique insights into issues of gender and ethnicity and is a voice for the less-heard and less-seen side of the Italian-American experience from immigrant times to the present.”-Smoki Bacon, Beacon Hill Patch
“In counteracting the pervasive image of the ‘guidette’ that media is increasingly presenting as quintessentially Italian American to the young generations, collections such as Albright’s and Moore’s act as an antidote as well as a beacon signalling the need for additional studies on the impact Italian American women have on contemporary society.” -Gina M. Miele, Montclair State University