Since today is the anniversary of the Saudi Arabia's royal decree allowing the government to issue drivers license to women, and I'm in Watkins Glen (car racing capital) , it is also a good day to  pay tribute to a woman’s right to drive her own car; say what she needs to say; stand up for herself and her country.

Day 11 of 21 Day Experience of Woman in Abaya

A busload of Chinese tourists at a Massachusetts rest stop were trying so hard to buy chicken nuggets and hamburgers and I decided to help them out with pictures and sign language.

Day 10 of 21 Day Experience of Woman in Abaya

Not many people know much about Muslim women and their garments. Most of us think it is an ancient way to dress. In fact it is not. The outfit I am wearing, and the full black ‘cage’ is a new fashion in Middle East. Prior to the late 70s, early 80s women were not required to wear the body covering garment. They might wear head covering as simple as a scarf and dressed modestly.  The change came when the religious fundamental cleric class made the laws regarding women’s clothing.

Day 9 of 21 Day Experience of Woman in Abaya

During my subway ride, a woman stared at me as if i were an insect. When I got up to leave she followed my movement out with her eyes and even turned around and looked at me through the window as the train pulled away, as if she wanted to be sure I was gone.


Today, at the subway station, had to deal with the logistics of wearing abaya--like how to keep hem clean, how not to get it caught in the elevator steps and how to hold onto the veil when its slip sliding off the head.


Our instincts push us towards the comfortable.  And I think that seeking to be comfortable can be dangerous. I am an artist, and a good one. If I stayed in a comfort zone, I might be making a different kind of art, a polite art. That’s not my intention: there are enough people doing nice art. I’d rather provoke thinking rather than feeling.


You just can’t keep a girl away from her tools and her power of observation. It's really hitting home that people don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around them. I suppose this human condition is what criminals, terrorists, and cheaters count on: operating in the realm of other’s unawareness.


I went to an Open House for a $2.4 million Cambridge property near Harvard University. The back page of the 10-page brochure that the agents handed out to visitors featured a quote from T.S. Eliot “Home is Where One Starts From.” I wore my abaya.


When a woman in an Abaya is seen on the street with a man let’s assume everyone figures he is related to her and that the man is Muslim...and if he is Muslim, he is the person who has requested his wife, daughter, sister cover her body in public.

Day 3 of 21 Day Experience of Woman in Abaya

I stated Day 3 feeling a bit like an interloper until two women said "excuse me" in Arabic as they brushed past me and their polite, expressed respect, and kindness made me cowgirl-up, shifting my mood.

Day 2 of 21 Day Experience of Woman in Abaya

In the market On Day 2 Woman in Abaya the artist experienced that she was not invisible, that men noticed her as a human not as a sexual object, women looked sideways at her and that most people didn't look at all since they were involved with their cell phones.

Day 1 of 21 Day Experience as Woman in Abaya

New England artist Christine Palamidessi shares experience of wearing abaya, a garment that evokes a particular sensation and mind-set, a way of looking and being looked at--owning the gaze.

Cover Art for Poetry & Poetics Journal INTERIM

“Vestal Virgin Vest #1” , cover art for INTERIM, a poetry and poetics journal, began as a plaster body cast made over a woman’s torso and from there went through a multi-layered process of becoming a 3-D sculpture that was flattened and then stitched .


A silk-stitched monoprint , inlaid with copper, tells the story of Biblical heroine Jael who drove a tent stake through the Canaanite general Sisera's skull while he slept in her tent.

Talking to Charlene Liska about Silence

Boston artist Charlene Liska's video and photography are on exhibit at Silent. Silence. Silenced during the month of November; the sound of her voice casts strong shadows that challenge our questions about the future and what we might choose to make or take from the video screen.


Art is supposed to get people to think about what’s going on, around them. How are people going to become aware if their country's artist self-censor?

Senator Elizabeth Warren Rides the Chariot of Victory to Silence

Artist takes the reader through the steps in artistic process: going from Greek Goddess of Victory, which was an investigation of antiquity vs. modern life; to hearing news about the silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren in the US Senate; to sewing Nike's lips shut; to dropping a black hood over the head of the goddess and exploring the silencing effect of a black hood.


When I was artist-in-residence in the town of Otranto, Italy, I became intensely attracted to the Ottoman weapons (Cannonballs everywhere!) perhaps because my father and uncles had been in the armed service by the sea--Iwo Gima, Siege of Rome, Battle of Dunkirk, the Philippines-- and this combination of sensations and memories called me to make art from the weapons.

Making Sculpture from Ancient Weapon

The bombards, cast from bronze, hurled huge stone balls, weighing up to 1,500 pounds, several miles. After one shot, the barrel had to be cooled in oil to be fired again. The cooling process took over two hour and was frustratingly slow.

Casting Cannonballs from 1480 Siege of Italy

To capture the essence of war in her sculptures, artist Christine Palamidessi used weapons from the 1480 siege of Italy.

about Otranto Cannonballs SILENT.SILENCE.SILENCED. Violence and Consequent Art

It was a conceptual idea that lead the artist to cast the cannonballs form the 1480 Ottoman siege of Otranto Castle: to embrace not only the texture of the cannonball but also to capture the essence of the weapon, the energy embedded within the material, and to transfer that energy into her sculptures

5 Things to Know about Designing an Art Exhibit Post Card

Tips for making a postcard to announce your upcoming art exhibit.

Satisfied n’ Tickled Too at The Taj Mahal

Being at the Taj Mahal was like walking over the surface of a postcard or being folded inside the interior of a book because the experience is an out-of-body one in the way that the visuals are extraordinarily familiar yet illusatory.  I've never seen such precise symmetry.

Yes. Ride an Elephant in India.

The elephant has a most auspicious symbolism: they embody strength and power, especially power of the libido and are seen as a symbol of great sexual power.

Why You Don’t Want to Hit a Cow in India

If you hit a cow with your car in India the scene will draw a very big crowd and cost the driver a lot of money.

Indian Men Color their Hair More Frequently than Women

In India Beauty Parlors for Women are experiencing growth. Men are much more public about their grooming, often doing it on the street and women don't color their hair nearly as much as the men. A visitor will notice many more grey-haired women than gray-haired men.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Indian Women’s Outfits, Party Food and Etiquette

An afternoon party in Dehradun delivers lots of news about women's friendship, Indian garments, children's energy, hospitality and tumeric-laced food.

On the Day of Our Eclipse: Remembering Jantar Mantar Astronomy Court

As I wait for the 2017 eclipse, I recall the Jantar Mantar Astronomy Court in Jaipur, India, and by coincidence BING's homepage featured a photo from the same courtyard, a magical place for seeing the movement of stars and planets in shadow reveal.

In and Out of Rishikesh (without The Beatles)

In 1968, The Beatles went to Rishikesh to study with Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi and the trip got widespread media attention and influenced Western attitudes about Indian spirituality and music; I went there 40 years later and couldn't wait to get out of town!

Monkey Business in Moussourie

In India monkeys run around the backyard, jumping in trees,  like squirrels do in New England.  Anjula told me a story about when a pack of monkeys broke into their family house in Dehradun. The family dropped everything, scrambled together... Continue Reading →

Bathing in the Ganges

Travelers to India may be tempted to step into the Ganges but simply standing on the shore to watch the pleasure and joy of others is very satisfying experience.

Dehradun = Doon = Boom!

Dehradun is known as the love city,the jewel of the Himalayas, gateway to holy cities, education capital of India; for me Dehradun was the first Indian city I got to know. It is about 6 hours north of Delhi.

Fairy’s First Photo

Fairy, a Hindu family maid, wears a borrowed pink scarf and solemn expression to pose for her first picture in front of a blooming rose bush.

I Lived with a Hindu Family in Dehradun

On July 4, Anjula and I flew to Delhi together. At the airport a man picked up her suitcase by mistake and Anjula had to take a 5 hour bus ride west to retrieve it. This was my first expose to the man/woman imbalance in India. The man would have never gone out of his way to return the suitcase. It was the woman's duty to shoulder the burden of inconvenience.

Why Am Taking You to India?

In India I had seen every possible variation of being human and of humanity--good and bad--and it was unrelenting and afterwards, It became important to look inside myself and others and recognize the Divine.

Look Inside Golden Buddhist Tibetan Stupa

Take a look inside and see the pure gold wall paintings in World Peace Stupa in Dehradun, India, that illustrate the life of Lord Buddha; it took 50 artists three years to do the painting.

The Brown Rice Scene in Dehradun

by CHRISTINE PALAMIDESSI (from Stone's Throw Magazine) A white Range Rover with a thick bull bar headed straight at us. Rageev pushed the heel of his hand hard into the horn, uncurling his finger tips as if they were tender tea... Continue Reading →

Why Did She Choose Ceilbacy?

In 230 AD Christian mysticism allowed women to choose celibacy and therefore free themselves from the evil, excessive, falling-apart-chaotic era of The Roman Empire; life became an either-or choice.


In 250AD the Emperor Decius decided starvation, lack of public morality, and war was not causing problems in Rome, rather the problems had arisen because the gods had abandoned Rome. Therefore, citizens needed to demonstrate their piety by sacrificing and animal.


To make the Broken Heart prints, I collapsed a 3-D heart sculpture that I made out of paper and used the collapsed heart as a collagraph plate before stitching story onto the paper with silk threads.


While tracking down the thread of S. Vittoria, a Late Antiquity Roman saint, it helps to look at the historical and psychological aspects of the Vestal Virgins.

BREAKING FREE OF TIME AND SPACE( Following Santa Vittoria)

Time and Space disappear when following the trail of Late Antiquity woman, S. Vittoria.

Stitching on Monoprints

Taking an additional step: adding stitching thread, gold leaf and text to a mono print.

Nothing Yellow about Walter Kopec’s …AND THINGS THAT REMAIN

Boston Conceptual artist Walter Kopec showcases political work at Atlantic Works Gallery.

The Darker Side of the Artist’s Psyche

In- process, the artist discovers images and meaning that are not the original intent.

The Pandora Light

The Pandora Light is fashioned from sidewalk print of the Harvard Science Center.; the outside walls are painted with sea creatures, the perceived underworld; the inside is painted with images of germs, the unseen underworld.

The Prometheus Lights

The Prometheus Lights are made from sidewalk prints of the sidewalks around the Harvard University Science Center at the foot of Oxford and Kirkland Streets in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

THE PROMETHEUS MYTH : Exhibiting the Lights

Prometheus stole a gleaming ember from a sacred hearth on OYLMPUS and carried it down to earth so that humans could have fire, giving them not only warmth and safety but also the gift of science, because now they could dream and imagine.

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