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Crisp & Heady Jazz: Wayne Escoffery at KITANO in NYC

Wayne Escoffery's birthday jazz performance at Kitano Club in New York City coincides with wedding anniversary celebration of Boston couple.

Reflections on Franco Modigliani & Italy at MIT: with Renato Camurri and Nobel Prize Winners Robert Merton and Robert Solow

Franco Modigliani's contribution to economics and reflections on Italy; an evening at MIT with Renato Camurri editor of a new book about Modigliani and Nobel Laureates Robert Solow and Robert Merton and Sloan colleagues Stewart Myers and Francesco Giavazzi.

Review of “Sleep No More”: Disappointing Shakespeare

Theater/culture review of A.R.T.'s SLEEP NO MORE, a fusing of Macbeth and Hitchcock, now playing in Boston ( December 2009).

HOW TO LIVE TO 100: Rita Levi-Montalcini

"Eat one meal a day and work, work work, if you want to live to 100." A review of scientist and Nobel laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini's philosophy, autobiography, and life.

Would You Recognize the Violinist in Your Metro??

what happened when acclaimed classical violinist Joshua Bell went incognito one cold winter morning to play for tips on a subway platform in Washington, D.C.

Levon Helm: Bending Time on the Road to Woodstock

Watching Levon Helm's--and our own--aging, appreciating music, loving husband, friends & music.

Amelia Earhart, Hillary Swank & Wild Dreams (10/23/08)

Little known facts about Amelia Earhart in Medford Massachusetts.


Nobel prize winner gave sensible advice about money.

Badal Roy Was in Cambridge ( from 9/29/08)

WE SAW HIM ON SATURDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 27 Badal Roy & Tablas HE PLAYED SEVENTEEN ON THE TABLAS 1-2-3-4   / 1-2-3-4   / 1-2   /1-2-3-4   /1-2-3 THE MUSIC WAS WAS AMAZING!!!!! Roy performed with Keyboard player Dave Bryant and Bassist Mike... Continue Reading →

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