Christine Palamidessi Art

Stitching on Monoprints

Taking an additional step: adding stitching thread, gold leaf and text to a mono print.

The Darker Side of the Artist’s Psyche

In- process, the artist discovers images and meaning that are not the original intent.

The Pandora Light

The Pandora Light is fashioned from sidewalk print of the Harvard Science Center.; the outside walls are painted with sea creatures, the perceived underworld; the inside is painted with images of germs, the unseen underworld.

The Prometheus Lights

The Prometheus Lights are made from sidewalk prints of the sidewalks around the Harvard University Science Center at the foot of Oxford and Kirkland Streets in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

THE PROMETHEUS MYTH : Exhibiting the Lights

Prometheus stole a gleaming ember from a sacred hearth on OYLMPUS and carried it down to earth so that humans could have fire, giving them not only warmth and safety but also the gift of science, because now they could dream and imagine.

What Goes Inside The Prometheus Light Installation to Make It Work

Wondering what goes on behind the artwork in The Prometheus Lights--carpentry, elecricity-- that holds it on the walls and lights up like the fire within us all?


After making plaster casts of the sidewalks with fascinating patterns; sidewalks where Nobel Prize winning scientists as well as science students marched and pondered,  I let the plaster  dry in the summer sun. Plaster cures as it dries and becomes stronger,... Continue Reading →


Cambridge artist noticed the patterns in sidewalk near Harvard University Science Center and set out to make street art from them.

Pernambuco Blue Pineapple

Wall sculpture pineapple is Sacred artistic container for the Divine, a firm-fleshed juicy Brazilian fruit, and an avatar to keep away demons.

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