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Crusader Money Hideaway

When Mimmo Vestita remodeled his garage in Grottaglie, Italy, he discovered the floor of a Roman villa and with a little more probing he found a Byzantine crypt under his driveway.

Wild Byzantine Ceiling in Underground Crypt

Located in a field, to the side of a two-lane road, the Cripta del Crocefisso building looks as if it might be a farmer’s old stone storage shed, but once inside the ancient underground structure that's been carved out of rock, you will be truly amazed by the frescoes and unusual ceiling paintings.

Dressed Alike Artists

Funny meeting of artists who unbeknowingly were wearing the same clothes.

Otranto Boomerang

Artist revisits source of inspiration for her 2016 installation "Silent, Silenced, Silence".


A quick tour of Arsanale exhibit of amazing African artists- El Anatsui and Michael Armitage-- Venice Biennale, 2019


Visit master artisan printmaker Giancarlo Busato in his laboratory in Vicenza, Italy.

Satisfied n’ Tickled Too at The Taj Mahal

Being at the Taj Mahal was like walking over the surface of a postcard or being folded inside the interior of a book because the experience is an out-of-body one in the way that the visuals are extraordinarily familiar yet illusatory.  I've never seen such precise symmetry.

Yes. Ride an Elephant in India.

The elephant has a most auspicious symbolism: they embody strength and power, especially power of the libido and are seen as a symbol of great sexual power.

Why You Don’t Want to Hit a Cow in India

If you hit a cow with your car in India the scene will draw a very big crowd and cost the driver a lot of money.

Indian Men Color their Hair More Frequently than Women

In India Beauty Parlors for Women are experiencing growth. Men are much more public about their grooming, often doing it on the street and women don't color their hair nearly as much as the men. A visitor will notice many more grey-haired women than gray-haired men.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Indian Women’s Outfits, Party Food and Etiquette

An afternoon party in Dehradun delivers lots of news about women's friendship, Indian garments, children's energy, hospitality and tumeric-laced food.

On the Day of Our Eclipse: Remembering Jantar Mantar Astronomy Court

As I wait for the 2017 eclipse, I recall the Jantar Mantar Astronomy Court in Jaipur, India, and by coincidence BING's homepage featured a photo from the same courtyard, a magical place for seeing the movement of stars and planets in shadow reveal.

In and Out of Rishikesh (without The Beatles)

In 1968, The Beatles went to Rishikesh to study with Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi and the trip got widespread media attention and influenced Western attitudes about Indian spirituality and music; I went there 40 years later and couldn't wait to get out of town!

Monkey Business in Moussourie

In India monkeys run around the backyard, jumping in trees,  like squirrels do in New England.  Anjula told me a story about when a pack of monkeys broke into their family house in Dehradun. The family dropped everything, scrambled together... Continue Reading →

Bathing in the Ganges

Travelers to India may be tempted to step into the Ganges but simply standing on the shore to watch the pleasure and joy of others is very satisfying experience.

Dehradun = Doon = Boom!

Dehradun is known as the love city,the jewel of the Himalayas, gateway to holy cities, education capital of India; for me Dehradun was the first Indian city I got to know. It is about 6 hours north of Delhi.

Fairy’s First Photo

Fairy, a Hindu family maid, wears a borrowed pink scarf and solemn expression to pose for her first picture in front of a blooming rose bush.

I Lived with a Hindu Family in Dehradun

On July 4, Anjula and I flew to Delhi together. At the airport a man picked up her suitcase by mistake and Anjula had to take a 5 hour bus ride west to retrieve it. This was my first expose to the man/woman imbalance in India. The man would have never gone out of his way to return the suitcase. It was the woman's duty to shoulder the burden of inconvenience.

Why Am Taking You to India?

In India I had seen every possible variation of being human and of humanity--good and bad--and it was unrelenting and afterwards, It became important to look inside myself and others and recognize the Divine.

Look Inside Golden Buddhist Tibetan Stupa

Take a look inside and see the pure gold wall paintings in World Peace Stupa in Dehradun, India, that illustrate the life of Lord Buddha; it took 50 artists three years to do the painting.

The Brown Rice Scene in Dehradun

by CHRISTINE PALAMIDESSI (from Stone's Throw Magazine) A white Range Rover with a thick bull bar headed straight at us. Rageev pushed the heel of his hand hard into the horn, uncurling his finger tips as if they were tender tea... Continue Reading →

New York City: March 2009

Writer Christine Palamidessi Moore experienced NYC as a dragon--belly Times Square, head bombed and blinded. Lunch at B. Smith's with her 90-year old mother-in-law.

Love Story Jeans? Here’s the Love Story House

2009 snow scene of the 1970 hit movie Love Story film location which starred Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neill.

New York’s West Village

What's changed, what's stayed the same in a corner of the West Village.

Woodstock Update: Tinkering on Tinker

Palamidessi Moore writes about how things are the same and different in Woodstock.

A New Brand of Sassoon (from 9/26/08)

“A narcissist is someone better looking than you are.”--Gore Vidal A while back, Gore Vidal appeared on the Ali G show. Topics moved from Moses to U.S. Constitution, and then to hair products. “You are the Vidal, aren’t you?” It... Continue Reading →

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