This book has power. It makes you question your life: what you’ve left unsaid; what opportunities you passed by; what secrets you never dared speak.I admit,reading ONE AMAZING THING shook me up.  First, because it percolated new questions about what was important in my life. Second, I began reading the book the same day Haiti suffered the major 7.0  earthquake which knocked down buildings and trapped people inside rubble: the story evoked the life-threatening claustrophobia that others were concurrently experiencing. Third, the characters, trapped inside an Indian passport office, were all  planning trips to India and expecting some sort of spiritual sustenance from their future journey.  But they weren’t necessarily ready to clear the windows of their soul just then.  How often do put off speaking our truths and our love because we think a better time will come?

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni creates a moral tale that pulls you along so tightly you can’t put the book down for fear the walls and ceilings will collapse, the air will run out, or the water level will rise. As she pulls you along, you hope for a happy ending.  For sure these people will live, won’t they? It’s the telling of the tale that heals the reader.