Christine Palamidessi Moore

The Virgin Knows

A thrilling novel about art theft and recovery, but ultimately, a story about many things: sibiling loyalty, passion, nurturing, devotion. Of separation, grief, abandonment and berievement. Of discovery, rediscovery and explorations Of relationships and generations caring for each other

THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG: Be Prepared to Love (a Review)

Muriel Barbery's novel THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG has a secret ingredient: being prepared to love.

Elsa Morante’s ARACOELI: a disturbing story of memory, rejection and love

ARACOELI: Review of 1982 novel, reissued by Open Letters. A disturbing look at memory, rejection and love.


Library Thing review of art theft, transatlantic, sibling rivalry thriller The Virgin KNows

Ugetsu: a Yin Yang Film

Review of celebrated Japanese film Ugetsu from yin /yang point of view.

The Fiddle Case by Christine Palamidessi Moore

Preview review by MARIE SACCOMANDO COPPOLA, for Christine Palamidessi Moore's new book The Fiddle Case.

New York’s West Village

What's changed, what's stayed the same in a corner of the West Village.

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