Fairy’s First Photo

Fairy, a Hindu family maid, wears a borrowed pink scarf and solemn expression to pose for her first picture in front of a blooming rose bush.

I Lived with a Hindu Family in Dehradun

On July 4, Anjula and I flew to Delhi together. At the airport a man picked up her suitcase by mistake and Anjula had to take a 5 hour bus ride west to retrieve it. This was my first expose to the man/woman imbalance in India. The man would have never gone out of his way to return the suitcase. It was the woman's duty to shoulder the burden of inconvenience.

The Brown Rice Scene in Dehradun

by CHRISTINE PALAMIDESSI (from Stone's Throw Magazine) A white Range Rover with a thick bull bar headed straight at us. Rageev pushed the heel of his hand hard into the horn, uncurling his finger tips as if they were tender tea... Continue Reading →


Public art monument in Boston celebrates Grandmother love.

The Fiddle Case

A coming-of-age novel about two nineteen-year-old women who set out across the country in the summer of 1972, searching for answers about siblings they have lost, love and friendship.Their initial goal is soon overshadowed by the trip itself. Reminiscent of Thelma and Louise.

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