Susan May Tell

Crisp & Heady Jazz: Wayne Escoffery at KITANO in NYC

Wayne Escoffery's birthday jazz performance at Kitano Club in New York City coincides with wedding anniversary celebration of Boston couple.

New York City: March 2009

Writer Christine Palamidessi Moore experienced NYC as a dragon--belly Times Square, head bombed and blinded. Lunch at B. Smith's with her 90-year old mother-in-law.

René Groebli at Howard Greenberg Gallery

René Groebli published the landmark and influential photo-essay « Rail Magic » which critics today consider to be a unique and brilliant innovation of style and form. Susan May Tell and Christine Palamidessi visit his "Eye of Love" photo show at Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC.

New York’s West Village

What's changed, what's stayed the same in a corner of the West Village.

Ad Reinhardt at Pace Wildenstein Gallery

Reinhardt was an abstract painter, active in New York between the 30s and 60s, during the abstract expressionist movement. He is best known for his “black paintings,”which are not black when you stand upclose and look at the brush strokes.

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