Yoga & the Art of Teaching

Art As A Spiritual Practice

I am an artist and yoga teacher. My yoga practice keeps my interior world polished, so, as the Upanishads say, as to be ready for lightening when it strikes. Yoga came to me to support the artist. The artist in me existed long before the yogini.

How to Do a Proper Shavasana (corpse pose)- 10 STEPS

Ten important steps for doing a proper shavasana, corpse pose, as taught by Dassa Oppenheimer to her Cambridge, MA, students.

IYENGAR YOGA AND THE SACRUM: a mind-blowing epiphany

An epiphany: Getting down in forward bend without rounding the shoulder has a lot to do with fifth sacral vertebrae.

Yoga Teachers Can Change Your Life

Tons of people can say yoga changed their lives; half as many can credit their yoga teacher. Some are good, some great, others extraordinary and gifted. Karin Stephan was the jewel of a teacher strewn in my path. A sapphire? ... Continue Reading →

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