Here’s a no frills approach to health and healing that would be useful for not only breast cancer patients but for anyone recovering from disease that requires a gentle program of discipline and encouragement. The authors, Ingrid Kollack and Isabell Utz Billing took great care to communicate their message: be aware of your body; take charge of your mental well-being.

Yoga is a rich and elaborate art that has positive influences on mobility, flexibility and overall physical fitness of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The practice helps women relax and reduce stress.

I teach yoga and found this book very practical and straightforward.  The photos are black and white–not glossy airbrushed girls.   The instructions are detailed.  I would recommend asking a companion to read the instructions out loud while you follow the instructions, or record your own voice and playback the instructions so that you reap the full benefit of the details.

Book includes a brief overview of the history of yoga and explanation of diffferent styles of yoga, lots of basics, supine poses ( a good supportive place to begin recovery poses) , breathing exercises, eye exercises and special attention exercises for back and shoulders.