I never miss a Venice Biennial. Unfortunately, I usually end up with only one day to enjoy the exhibits. I make an all-eyes, big embrace, loving-every minute swift sweep through the Arsenale and stop at the exhibits that I have researched and anticipate liking.

This year I praise the African artists.  For me, the African art that I had the honor of seeing was the most multi- sensory, meaningful, remarkable and just plain exciting art on exhibit at Venice.

Ghana-born, Living in Nigeria Artist El Anatsui

El Anatsui, Yaw Berko, aluminum printing plates, bottle caps and copper wire

The much celebrated artist El Anatsui manages to occupy a prominent spot in the global art

El Anatsui, detail of Earth Shedding Skin, bottle caps and copper wire

world without living in a major metropolitan city. He lives in Nigeria, in the university town Nsukka.  Born in Ghana in 1944, he is the youngest 32 children  His work “draws connections between consumption, waste, and the environment”. As he would say, “Art grows out of each particular situation, and I believe that artists are better off working with whatever their environment throws up”.

He says his first experience with art was through drawing letters on a chalkboard.  LINK TO El Anatsui  webpage


Kenyan Born Artist Michael Armitage

“The Paradise Edict” detail
oil on Lulugobark

The very large painting is mesmerizing. Just a detail here.  Filled with multiple Narratives.  Political and fantasy full. Vital and ominous.

 See of Michale Armitage work on Instagram :@manairobi

White Cube site with a lot of his work.