Christine Palamidessi stitches Goddess Nike Mask in her Boston studio

“With my needles, I sink down into my material, myths and imprints of flesh, tugging the thread to join what we humans do during a pandemic—protect ourselves from getting sick, protect our loved ones, stand guard, persevere, do not get overwhelmed by the people we are stuck in the ‘submarine’ with, and strive to be the best person we can be while waging war on the virus, waiting for victory.”

                Christine Palamidessi, “2020x 2” Mixed Media, 38 x 16 inches_2020, $1000.

“Somehow the world and its stories are older than we think and at the same time living right beside us in the continuous present. In the panoply of images and guides I dip into for art making, Nike called to me during the 2020 pandemic. Nike: the winged goddess of victory; Zeus’ chariot commander; the darling of marathons; an apotropaic figurehead; the distributor of trophies that recognize success; the swoosh on our shoes.

 During Covid, I have been making ‘Nike Project’ masks and breastplates, molding the faces and bodies of young, strong women in paper and gold leaf, pieces of copper and jewels. Some items are flattened or painted, some swiped with plaster, and some propped on pedestals. I like to stitch through the dimensions of this work with sewing needles threaded with silk and linen. Sewing and stitching are both a way to heal and a way to join past and present.” – Christine Palamidessi

MARJORY KAYE, GALLERY DIRECTOR  Note: The artist will accept none other than Victory. Through her practice, both artistic and yogic, through the despair of the difficult moment, she allows the breath of Challenge to enter her consciousness and rides it like a chariot to the victory over fear and personal implosion. The artist is the embodiment of her subject matter, Nike.

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