Dick Stroud's drawing of the author
Dick Stroud’s drawing of Christine Palamidessi

WEBPAGE: http://www.palamidessi.com

EMAIL: christine.palamidessi.art@gmail.com

STUDIO: 20 Vernon Street, Somerville, MA

In this blog “everything is everything” I write about lifestyle, the lifestyle of an artist and things that are important to me in my daily life.

I work as a  sculptor and painter; my studio is on the top floor of a factory building in Somerville, MA.  I spend time in Italy and have studied mask-making and sculpture in Venice, Rome, and cartapesta technique in Lecce.  My sculptures have  been on exhibit in Boston’s State House and galleries in Boston, Washington DC,  Woodstock, Vermont, Pittsburgh, and Otranto, Italy. Moots my art is made from imprints of bodies or places.  My intention is to capture not only form and the beauty of my subjects but also their atman–or energy.  In addition to Brazilian women and Yoga teachers I have cast the cannonballs ( from the 1480 Turkish invasion)  in the courtyard of the Castle of Otranto and sidewalks Harvard Square.

In the 90s, I wrote a wonderful  heartfelt memoir about my  “Grandmothers”and it won an UrbanArts award and was actually engraved on a granite monolith, which is installed as public art at Jackson Square, on the Orange Line, in Boston.  As an undergraduate, I  studied  Film and Writing at University of Pittsburgh and later earned  a MA in Creative Writing from Boston University.  I wrote and published of two novels ( The Virgin Knows, St. Martin’s Press and The Fiddle Case, Gate Press) . Before doing visual art full-time I  worked as a book and fiction editor and taught writing and courses in Ethnic Literature at Boston University.

I ma a devoted yoga practitioner, practicing in the Iyengar tradition.

You can take a look at my sculptures at:  www.palamidessi.com

Christine Palamidessi in Otranto Italy, BAU Institute. "War Chronicles" in background.
Christine Palamidessi in Otranto Italy, BAU Institute. “War Chronicles” in background.





My two novels,  The Virgin Knows ( 1995/2008) and The Fiddle Case (2008) are about  art and the collision of the past with the present–VERY SIMILAR TO MY WORK AS A VISUAL ARTIST.    I taught writing at Boston University for 13 years.

With Carol Bonomo Albright, I am editor of American Woman, Italian Style (2010).  My writing is is many anthologies, some of which are Our Roots Are Deep with Passion, Don’t Tell Mama and Wild Dreams. I work as an editor at the academic journal, Italian Americana.

I earned a BA in Film and Writing at University of Pittsburgh and was a founding member of the Franklin Pangborn Film Club. Working as a journalist in New York City during the 80s, I covered film and the emerging video industry for publications such as as Andy Warhol’s Interview, Soho News, and New Video and New Woman magazines. In 1984 I was one of the first journalists to interview Itaiian playwright, and later Nobel prize winner, Dario Fo when the United States Department of State finally admitted him into the US.

In Boston, I worked producing plays with the Nucleo Eclettico Theater, and in 1991 got a MA in Creative Writing at Boston University, where I studied with Leslie Epstein, Sue MIller and Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott and Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. I taught writing at BU for13 years.

My memoir “Grandmothers” is engraved on a granite monolith installed at Boston’s Jackson  Square subway station

Christine Palamidessi wither her father Aldo, daughter Ruby and Mother Ruth in front of Jackson Square, BOSTON, permanent installation of her memoir "Grndmothers."
Christine Palamidessi wither her father Aldo, daughter Ruby and Mother Ruth in front of Jackson Square, BOSTON, permanent installation of her memoir “Grndmothers.”=
name "Grandmothers" , by Christine Palamidessi.
Granite monolith “Grandmothers” , by Christine Palamidessi. Public Art. At Jackson Square MBTA station, Boston.