Who would like to improve their karma? Step into the Ganges and do it!  In Hinduism,  bathing in the river removes your sins and liberates you from the cycle of life and death. Easier than confession. The water of the Ganges is considered very pure…but to my eyes it wasn’t looking very clean.  .

Cows hang out near the Ganges too.  It’s  the rain season,so the water level is high and fast
Was I tempted to take a dip? Maybe in next lifetime. 
Or, perhaps, I already had the honor in my previous lifetime.
On river’s edge, a young girl, with her mother . She is so happy to have her picture taken.
Two lovely girls, both fresh out of the Ganges.
A man near where I a standing begins to talk to me. He paints hand bindis.
He opens his palm to me and shows me the samples. Which one would I like?
And then he reached out for my hand and began painting a bee.
In India, one of the holiest gestures is to take water from the Ganges,
in an act that recognizes this separation, then pour the water back again.
Crying is like this. Your tears fall from your individual griefs, but it comes from
the grief we all have, of living in these frail, impermanent bodies. Of watching
our friends die. Our friends are the Ganges and in their death we draw them up
out of the river, and let them mark us, before we put them back into the river
again. Your tears flow down every drain… They belong to everyone.

– Michael Stone