In India monkeys run around the backyard, jumping in trees,  like squirrels do in New England.  Anjula told me a story about when a pack of monkeys broke into their family house in Dehradun. The family dropped everything, scrambled together and ran up to the second floor because on the first floor the monkeys were wrecking havoc– throwing plates and making a mess in general.

For fun, Indian kids often antagonize monkeys, standing near them and making screeching noises while scratching their ribs. “Not a good thing to do.  A monkey will chase you. Maybe that’s why the monkeys broke into the house,” Angela said.”Maybe one of my brothers made fun of them.”

When I was staying in a five-star hotel in Moussourie, a  monkey broke into my room.  I knew enough, after hearing Anjula’s story, to be polite.

What did I do? I grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl by my bed and lured him out of the room. He didn’t go for the banana but leapt up the pole onto the roof.
Yes, he actually knocked before he opens the door. 
The monkey, as you can see, is very strong. 
Courtyard ofNahba Palace,  the five-star hotel where I stayed. 

Monkeys can be seen on the side of the road grooming each other.