Beauty is glad to come and go freely.

My mission at the Corning Museum of Glass, in Elmira, New York, was to talk to people, and to ask people to take my picture.  Encased in a white environment–floors, walls, ceiling–and surrounded by magnificent sculptures and breathtaking beauty, it was easy to allow my personality and identity disappear. Every person I spoke to engaged in conversation.  everyone was happy to take a picture of me in front of a piece of art which we both had admired together.

THE WHTE NECKLACE by Jean-Michel Othaniels, 2007.

The intentional dents and asymmetry of the 51 beads on this necklace magnify the beauty and imperfection of the body and skin. Just as skin retains memory of its experience over time in the form of scars, If you injure a ball of molten glass by making an  incision, the glass will heal up.  But once it cools the wound will reappear.

In the gallery, looking at structure of the body, . As my experience in the abaya, the particular art I have pictured looks at the visible body asking questions about identity–what or who the body represents, and what that means.

While You Are Sleeping. Christina Bothwell, 2007