Looking inside THE PANDORA LIGHT the viewer sees Female-Fruit-Pineapple Tissue, Sperm, Germs, LED. On the outside are aquatic creatures.

The Pandora Light  –Like the Prometheus Light, The Pandora Light is fashioned from sidewalk print of the Harvard Science Center. The outside is painted with sea creatures, the perceived underworld; the inside is painted with images of germs, the unseen underworld. Deep inside the box are both female tissue and male sperm. The light–the center of it all, the elemental product–spills out over the room.

ART inspiration :Pandora Myth  Zeus found a subtle way to punish humans for having the gift of fire. He created the first human woman, Pandora. Zeus instructed Hephaestus to carve her out of white marble, Athena to breath life into her, and Aphrodite to deck her with jewels and beauty. Then Zeus added the finishing touches: insatiable curiosity along with a sealed jar that he warned Pandora never to open.

Hermes ushered her to Earth and presented her as a wife to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus, who happened to be living with the mortals. His brother had warned him not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but he was awestruck by Pandora’s beauty.

She wasn’t happy because she didn’t know what was in the jar. It wasn’t long before curiosity got the better of her and she had to take a quick peek.

The moment she opened the lid, out came a horde of miseries: Greed, Vanity, Slander, Envy and all the evils that until then had been unknown to mankind. Horrified by what she’d just done, Pandora snapped the lid shut, just in time to keep Hope from flying away. Zeus had put hope at the bottom of the jar and the unleashed miseries would have put an end to it.

Standing THE PROMETHEUS LIGHT , Mixed Media sculpture ( paper, wire, LEDs, wood, fabric, pastel, silk) Christine Palamidessi, artist

Noteworthy: Both Eve and Pandora were given only one “divine prohibition” in their otherwise idyllic lives, and both found themselves irresistibly drawn to violate it. There is  also a difference. Eve was created to help Adam; Pandora to bring punishment to the men who benefited from the crime of Prometheus’ gift.