Boston East: Present Tense

Boston Artist Christine Palamidessi's "Laced Vest" demonstrates a deep affinity for the physicality of women.

MAMBO Genève

At Walead Beshy retrospective at MAMCO Geneva with Christine Palamidessi, Cindy Whittingham and Nazir Sunderji.

Cover Art for Poetry & Poetics Journal INTERIM

“Vestal Virgin Vest #1” , cover art for INTERIM, a poetry and poetics journal, began as a plaster body cast made over a woman’s torso and from there went through a multi-layered process of becoming a 3-D sculpture that was flattened and then stitched .

The Pandora Light

The Pandora Light is fashioned from sidewalk print of the Harvard Science Center.; the outside walls are painted with sea creatures, the perceived underworld; the inside is painted with images of germs, the unseen underworld.

INDEXICALITY: Pulling Plaster Cast from Mother Mold

To date I have cast over 50 yogi teacher torsos. My intention is to capture inner energy, breath and the atman of the teacher. It is an ongoing project. This atman, (inner body /inner self)  imprints the plaster of the mother... Continue Reading →


Time Breath and Evidence is a multi-sensory sculptural installation that gives expression to the inescapable adventure of human mutuality. It begins as frontal torso casts of twelve American yogi. The plaster casts are gently highlighted with ritual colors from India, then... Continue Reading →


I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way — things I had no words for.  ~Georgia O’Keeffe (” Pleasure Principle” pictured, Christine Palamidessi) Since I have been active in both the... Continue Reading →


An artist never really finishes his work; he merely abandons it. ~Paul Valéry (French French poet, writer, philosopher. 1871-1945 ) In my gut I know when a sculpture is “done” and know that doing one more thing to it will either take... Continue Reading →

Tortoise torso wall sculpture molded on body of Brazilian woman.

Yogi Sculpture with Pune Belts

Sculpture--also a piece of wearable art-- pays homage to Japanese fashion, Pune yoga and Greek ideals.

World Cup Supplies from Brazil

Fernanda de Oliviiera, Brazilian TV personality and children's book author, sent this news regarding World Cup controversy in Brazil to artist Christine Palamidessi.

OMPHALE, Queen of Lydia

Sculpture depicting Omphale, the Queen of Lydia who owned Hercules as a slave for two years and during that time the strongest man in the world was temporarily free of his identity as the greatest of all heroes.

ORPHAO, a.k.a. Lil Wayne

Description of a Rap and Roll sculpture dedicated to Orpheus, the Greek God of Music, whose kindred spirit Palamidessi visually associated with American Rap Artist Lil Wayne.

“HARMONY” at Alpers Gallery

Sculptural torso to be shown in Alpers Gallery, Andover, MA

Backside of Yoga Sculptures: an armature

Artist shows three-steps ( strengthen, preserve integrity, provide hook for hanging) on the backside of torso sculpture.

Palamidessi's Yogi project captures breath. here she pulls plaster torso out of mold of yoga teacher's torso.

Casting Yoga Teacher Torso

Yoga teacher is in state of deep relaxation as Palamidessi cast's her torso with intention of capturing movement of breath.

Torso Just Pulled from Mold

White plaster cast impression of female torso. Skin pattern and breath imprinted on sculpture.

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