You just can’t keep a girl away from her tools and her power of observation.

In general, during this experience of wearing an abaya,  it’s hitting home that people don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them. I suppose this human condition is what criminals, terrorists, and cheaters count on: operating in the realm of other’s unawareness.

It is so easy easy to be distracted by electronics, intrusive thoughts, and noisy environments, and these can make you less observant.  For sure, Home Depot is noisy: loud announcements, music, people rumbling by with large carts and holding cell phones or talking on the phones.

In country’s where the women wear abaya and the veil, a woman’’s body is considered distracting; so distracting men can’t control their actions.

I am happy my posts are instigating converstions and messages. Someone sent me this YouTube by Samina Ali. Many believe that Muslim women are required by their faith to wear the hijab. In this informative talk, the novelist Samina Ali takes you back to 640 AD. I would like to share it with you.