Willian DeLove and artist Christine Palamidessi in her abaya

Today I talked to Wililam DeLove, a homeless person. When I told him I was an artist experiencing 21 Days in the Abaya.  He said, “I thought you were a nun.”

“A nun?”

“Yeah, a nun in a nice outfit.  You know how they changed the outfits they used to wear and now they wear just nice things like you’re wearing.”

He continued on to give me the name and website of a woman friend who’s an artist and who he thought I whose work I would like. “She does public art,” he said.

I found this interaction just wonderful. William was very generous.  He asked if I knew any homeless who were writers.  “If you do, tell them about Spare Change.  They could get their story printed.”

SPARE CHANGE is the nations’s oldest street newspaper. It covers issues ignored by Boston’s other media–inequality, homelessness, culture and resistance.  http://www.sparechangenews.net