Pernambuco Blue Pineapple

Wall sculpture pineapple is Sacred artistic container for the Divine, a firm-fleshed juicy Brazilian fruit, and an avatar to keep away demons.


The artist's 'how-to' for making an Aphrodite sculpture by joining two torso's, male and female, using arte povera technique of cartapesta and plaster.

Series of summer watercolors done in-and-around Rome, Italy.

Fake News & the Typewriter

Way back before iPads, etc, just the thought of a journalist, or a writer, taking the seat next to you on a flight cross-country was more than inside a sculpture, the type bar fan of the same typewriter illustrates an internal dialogue about journalism and the internet.

Painter Gus Moran talks about art at his exhibit in Otranto Italy. ( 2015)

Book Reviews

I read a lot. Here are reviews of fiction, non-fiction and collections. Many are reviews of translations of books written in Italian. New reviews posted every month.

WOW Cross-Dressing Installation in Boston

Meret Oppenheim is supposed to have described her famous Objet (Le Déjeuner en Fourrure-1936 ), the fur-covered cup, saucer and spoon, as “the image of femininity imprinted in the minds of men and projected on to women.” Samantha Marder’s BENT ... Continue Reading →


Public art monument in Boston celebrates Grandmother love.

The Fiddle Case

A coming-of-age novel about two nineteen-year-old women who set out across the country in the summer of 1972, searching for answers about siblings they have lost, love and friendship.Their initial goal is soon overshadowed by the trip itself. Reminiscent of Thelma and Louise.

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